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About Us

EE Widget is based on extensive research proving the link between financial performance and organization-wide engagement

Who We Are

The EE Widget was created by the founder of Solata engagement technology, and one of the founders of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance.  The EEA is coalition of organizations dedicated to the proposition that people make the difference for any organization.

The Widget is based on the simple premise that the better an organization or entity of any kind engages all of the people who can affect its brand, the better it will perform over time. It is based on extensive research created by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance and others providing a concrete link between financial results and organization-wide performance.

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance was founded by Bruce Bolger, Allan Schweyer, Rodger Stotz, Don Peppers, and Mike Hadlow in 2008 to foster research, outreach, curriculum development, and to otherwise take the necessary measures to foster the advance of this field.

Combined, the founders of the EEA have over 100 years of experience in best practices related to the integrated approach to engagement customers, fans, distribution partners, employees, vendors, communities, shareholders, and more.

The EE Widget is a collective reflection of that research and wisdom and therefore donates 5 percent of its revenues to the activities of the EEA to support the advance of this field. This continued research will be used to continually improve the value of the EE Widgets to its multiple communities of users worldwide.