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The Premise

Your organization or brand will outperform your competition and maximize results by monitoring the engagement of every involved in your success.

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The Science

The power of the EE Widget is not just technology but the science upon which it’s built. The Enterprise Engagement Widget was developed by people with over 100 combined years of experience in Enterprise Engagement, and who wrote the first formal curriculum on Enterprise Engagement at  

Underlying the EE widget is the ability to benchmark engagement on an enterprise basis, taking into account the varying impact of different types of organizations.

The EE Widget is based on research showing that the long-term prosperity of any organization or community is based on the engagement of its constituents, and that the majority of organizations still undervalue their most critical asset: all of the people on whom their success directly or indirectly depends.

The EE Widget supports a database-driven methodology for an organization to create a real-time index of the relative engagement of its customers, distribution partners, employees, vendors, and community members versus an aggregate of all other organizations using the widget, whether in its specific field of endeavor or as a general aggregate. This will result in a specific EE Quotient and Index that will be released after sufficient data is collected. Every organization using an EE Widget, and EE Community, will receive a Quotient based on an overall Index. 

The patent-pending EE Quotient and Index are based on an algorithm that tracks the percentage of unique visitors to the web site using the widget to rate the organization and to submit suggestions and that calculates an Enterprise Engagement quotient by correlating the percentage of positive and negative ratings, a composite of the positive and negative rating scores, and the number of suggestions, across an organization’s complete audience. We have included a means of taking into account efforts by organizations to promote use of the widget, as well as a means of helping organizations measure the benefits of those efforts.

The EE Widget alone can do no more than identify a problem, opportunity, or pattern. For solutions, you will need to seek experts in Enterprise Engagement.  (links to the EEA directory)

Five percent of the revenues from EE widgets go to ongoing research, outreach, and curriculum development for the emerging field of Enterprise Engagement.