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Setting Up Your EE Widget

Step 1: Click on Download the EE Widget

Step 2: Identify the type of EE Widget appropriate for your organization or brand

Step 3: Identify an EE Community Widget to which you’d like to belong (Please note that EE Widget has just launched so the number of communities is limited—maybe your organization can profit by creating a community or knows one who can

Step 4: Provide your organization name, address information, type of organization/entity

Step 5:  Create an administrative user name and password for accessing your account and reports

Step 6: Follow directions for downloading the code and place the widget or have your web master place the widget wherever desired on your web site, social networking pages, and even emails. Each widget has embedded code identifying it as yours, so that wherever someone finds your widget, you will get the results. 

Once your EE Widget is installed, you will be notified each time someone clicks on your EE Widget so that you can see your rating or suggestions and view your report. You will not have to pay until the 10th person uses your widget, at which time you will be prompted to enter a credit card and pay for your monthly reports on an automatic basis.

No cost to download and place on your site
Free reports until at least 10 people use your EE Widget for feedback

You can suspend or terminate your account at any time.