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The EE Community Widget enables associations, media companies, chambers of commerce, religious organizations or governments, etc. or any group of like-minded organizations to form a community through which the participants can benchmark their status against a precise aggregate.

Members of an EE Community get a 10 percent price break off of the standard fees, and 10 percent of the revenue generated from service fees go to the community’s sponsor. It’s a great way to raise money for a cause or organization while providing value to all participants.

Ideal Community Widget sponsors have large audiences of organizations, professionals, or public figures that would have an interest in benchmarking their performance against like entities.

All data remains private. Community sponsors receive the same information as all other community members. No one but community members can compare aggregate data within that community, and community sponsors can control the organizations participating or can open them up to any organization that seeks to participate.

Organizations using the widget can participate in multiple communities for a small additional fee that is shared with each community, and can drop out at any time.

Community sponsors can deactivate or sell communities to other communities at any time through the EE Community Exchange based on volume of revenue generated by that community.