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None of your data is ever stored online, and is available to authorized administrators using an authorized User ID and Password across a fire wall between the web and the data servers.

The system includes Captcha’s to block the use of bots.

Since the information provided by the EE Widget is only available to your organization and is not made public, there is less incentive for anyone to tamper with your EE Widget to skew results.

However, as more and more entities use the EE Widget, we will be deploying ever more sophisticated means to track IP addresses and usage patterns to detect any type of variations from the norm that could indicate any type of use by pranksters or competitors and impose filters accordingly.

Your data will only be available to others in the aggregate, with no means whatsoever for anyone to be able to identify the data of one participating organization to another.

No one will have access to your ratings or EE Quotient unless you specifically authorize the release of the information, and Solata will neither confirm nor deny the ratings of any organization should anyone attempt to speculate or claim that they have accessed an organization’s ratings.