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By making it easy for anyone in your organization's community to speak out in complete privacy, the EE Widget enables you to easily and inexpensively measure the engagement of all your key audiences, detect problems and collect suggestions, while comparing results with the aggregate results of other organizations, entities or public figures.

The EE Widget helps you track and benchmark the engagement of all of the people who affect your brands using a simple downloadable widget that can be displayed on Web pages, social-networking sites, e-mails, etc. within minutes.

The EE Widget (or Enterprise Engagement Widget) was developed by experts in the emerging field of Enterprise Engagement based on extensive research on engagement. Research proves that your brand will do better if it has the proactive involvement of all of stakeholders.

Enterprise Engagement is a new business practice that focuses on achieving organizational and financial results by engaging all of the people involved with an organization, from customers and distribution partners to employees, vendors, shareholders and members of surrounding communities.

The EE Widget was created by people who understand the importance of engagement and what it can do for your enterprise.