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Benchmark Engagement Against an Aggregate

The EE Widget provides a report and benchmarks against an aggregate of:

  • Percentage of unique visitors providing comments, positive and negative
  • Percentage of comments by audience: customer, employee, distribution partner, vendor, community
  • Average positive and negative rating by audience
  • % of positive and negative comments by audience category
  • Reasons for comments by audience category
  • Suggestions by audience


The EE Widget benchmarks your brand’s engagement in each audience sector against an aggregate of all other organizations or entities using the widget. If you purchase the Enterprise Engagement Widget through an EE Community, you can obtain the most precise results possible, save money, and more.

As more companies use the widget, or more EE communities get created, organizations will be increasingly able to compare their level of engagement with an aggregate of other like organizations, in ever increasing detail. This widget will provide organizations with a unique way to track what used to be an intangible: the engagement of your target audiences in comparison with other organizations.